Tuesday, October 2, 2007

面粉糕 ♦ Hand-made noodle cake

Hand-made noodle cake is a cheap food, but full of home taste.

全部材料: All ingredients:
面粉 Flour
盐糖 Salt and Sugar
鸡蛋 Egg
干贝 Scallop
冬菇 Mushrooms
江鱼仔 Anchovy
玻璃菜 Cabbage
辣椒 Chili
酱油 Soy sauce
炸洋葱 Fried onion
胡椒粉 Pepper powder
鸡精或蚝油 Chicken cube or Oyster sauce

Hand-made noodle cake, of cause it's made by hand... add some water and salt (i also don't know how much...use your feel!) into the flour, add an egg, and you can add some oil as well...

and then keep on stir and stir and stir and stir....not enough water add water, too much water add some flour (don't make more and more until you need to eat the same thing for a whole week!)

ok, this is the final look should be...put into the fridge and let it fermentate a bit...(you can use a wet cloth to cover it, it seems to be better)

and then boil the soup....what is inside?

have a look....Scallop, Mushrooms, Anchovy...of course also salt and sugar, if the taste is not good enough, you can curi-curi add some chicken stock or oyster sauce :P....

tear the flour to thin pieces....throw into the soup to cook it...

add some cabage, spread some fried onion on top of it, eat together with chili and soya sauce, and some pepper powder....DELICIOUS~~~

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