Sunday, March 9, 2008

08 03 2008 Malaysia Election

12th Election in Malaysia, this is the second time (1st time was in 1969) that the opposition performs well and the National Front unable to get majority (2/3) of the seats in Parliament.

(Ps. short form:
BN = Barisan National/National Front;
DAP = Democratic Action Party/Parti Tindakan Demokratik;
PAS = Islamic Party of Malaysia/Parti Islam SeMalaysia;
PKR = Parti Keadilan Rakyat/People's Justice Party;
IND = Individual.)

Parliament result, Overall 222 seats:
BN 140 seats, 63.06% ;
DAP 28 seats, 12.61% ;
PKR 31 seats, 13.96% ;
PAS 23 seats, 10.36% .
Summary: BN is still able to form a government with a simple majority (between 1/2 and 2/3).

State government:
Perlis (BN won by 93.33%): BN 14 seats, PAS 1 seat.
Kedah (Opposition won by 61.11%): BN 14 seats, PAS 16 seats, PKR 4 seats, DAP 1 seat, IND 1 seat.
Kelantan (Opposition won by 82.86%): BN 6 seats, PAS 28 seats, PKR 1 seat.
Terengganu (BN won by 75%): BN 24 seats, PAS 8 seats.
Penang (Opposition won by 72.5%): BN 11 seats, DAP 19 seats, PKR 9 seats, PAS 1 seat.
Perak (Opposition won by 52.54%): BN 28 seats, DAP 18 seats, PKR 7 seats, PAS 6 seats.
Pahang (BN won by 88.10%): BN 37 seats, DAP 2 seats, PAS 2 seats, IND 1 seat.
Selangor (Opposition won by 64.29%): BN 20 seats, PKR 15 seats, DAP 13 seats, PAS 8 seats.
Negeri Sembilan (BN won by 58.33%): BN 21 seats, DAP 10 seats, PKR 4 seats, PAS 1 seat.
Melaka (BN won by 82.14%): BN 23 seats, DAP 5 seats.
Johor (BN won by 89.29%): BN 50 seats, DAP 4 seats, PAS 2 seats.
Sabah (BN won by 98.33%): BN 59 seats, DAP 1 seat.
Sarawak no result as the state government postpone the election.
Summary: The opposition alliance controls five states, they are Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak and Selangor.

CNN news
BBC news


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