Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rendang ♦ 忍当

Rendang is a Malay cuisine, its origin is in Indonesia. It can be chicken, beaf, mutton....can even be pork if you want, eventhough Malay doesn't eat pork :P.

全部材料: All ingredients:
洋葱 Onions
蒜米 Garlic
辣椒干和新鲜辣椒 Dry and fresh chilis
香茅=柠檬草 Cymbopogon
南姜 Galangal
椰浆和椰丝 Coconut milk and desiccated coconut
黄姜叶或柠檬叶 Turmeric leaf or Lemon leaf
鸡肉 Chicken
鸡蛋 Eggs

Overall steps: preparation(1), deep fry chicken(2), dry the desiccated coconut(3), cook(4)!~~

1)准备材料:蒜米,辣椒干和新鲜辣椒(用搅拌机打碎),洋葱(红洋葱香,白洋葱甜,两个都要,用搅拌机打碎),香茅(中间嫩芯切碎,比较香;外面的切大段,切碎会苦),南疆(拍一拍就好),鸡肉切块(用糖盐,少少酱油腌,不要太湿),黄姜叶切丝(我们这里没有这个daun kunyit,就拿柠檬叶代替)。。。
preparation: garlic, dry and fresh chilis (blend with blender), onions (red onions smell great, white/normal onions taste sweet, we need both, blend them with blender also), Cymbopogon (the middle part cut it finely, smell better; outer part just cut to long piece, fine cut will be bitter), Galangal (just simply squash it), chicken cut to pieces (marinate with sugar, salt, a bit soya sauce, not too wet), slice Turmeric leaf (we can't find this leaf in germany, so we use lemon leaf to substitute)...

prepare a big wok of oil to deep fry the chicken. Dip into eggs, to stick the flour covering it, and deep fry...after frying must clean the oil using the filter, then fry again...for normal dish, you need to fry it twice, once with hot oil and once with warm oil, so that the chicken will be totally cooked...but here we just fry once with hot oil, because after that we will cook them again...

At the same time, you can dry the desiccated coconut with a dry pan, heat them until they change to golden colour...the darker it is, the greater it smells, but becareful if they burn will change to be bitter. keep on flip the thing...

In sequence fry the garlics, Cymbopogon, Onion, Galangal, chilis... after a while, put lemon leaf, desiccated coconut and coconut milk... then throw the chicken in and heat it for 10 minutes (if you cook mutton or beaf, don't fry it,but here may need longer time)...

the whole process spend around 2 hours....but this food can last very long, a few weeks also no can take a bit out everyday, put into microwave and eat...

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