Thursday, September 13, 2007

黄明志 Wong Meng Chee/ Namewee

Wong Meng Chee/ Namewee is Malaysian, studying now in Taiwan. Not long ago he started to become famous in internet with his song 《The Chinese in Muar》.

Although in this song has quite a lot of dirty words, he didn't really criticise anyone. The song feels kind of gallant, that's why it's so popular.

Actually he had done a short movie to introduce Muar, but it's not as popular as this rap song.

After that, he just simply write a song called 《My Friend》。

This song have a few languages inside, and a lot of sarcastic stuff. Use Cantonese to blame people from Kuala Lumpur, use Chinese to criticise, use Malay to scold Malays. After everything he uses English to round his thing, and actually all of these is just misunderstanding.

Whereas this song 《Negarakuku》 catched the concern of the whole country. Malaysia government is going to sue him, editing National Anthem, slander Islam, and may use Extradition to ask him back. From my point of view, he didn't really edit National Athem but just joining it with his own song, maybe sue him on simply joining National Anthem will be better. Slander Islam? No way! It's just insulting someone's singing like a cock, that's all. Extradition? Isn't it too serious for this case?

After that, he apologised. No other reason, just because his father wants to end this issue as soon as possible and believe what MCA said, ask him to apologise.

But Malaysia government doesn't accept his apologise, insist to sue him. He get fedup, and got company help him to release this album 《King of DaoBan(Pirated)》。

之后有个支持他的人放了这首歌《Negarakukuku》。马来西亚政府也没什么消息了,不知道是不是因为心虚国歌也是抄人家的歌《Mamula Moon》。
After that, one of his supporters puts this song《Negarakukuku》。And no further news from Malaysia government, don't know whether they feel shame as our National Anthem is also copying from other song 《Mamula moon》。

Actually in my opinion, Namewee loves our country, but just doesn't like the government (they are different!). After watching this video of his, i really like what he wrote in the end: "If one nation can be prosperous and safe, why do we still need democracy?".

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